Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Inhibitif good on sensitive skin

Hello My name is Ashley.   In this review project i will be trying out inhibitif for 8 weeks. 
I want to know if this stuff works at all.   

I have very sensitive skin and once i got burned really badly from using a depilatory cream. it was horrible i didn't even try it on a test section.  I didn't show my legs for a whole summer. 
This time I know better. My friend had some so i put a tiny bit on once area and it was fine. 

Burned leg from Depilatory
It doesn't look that bad from here but if
you saw it it real life...IT WAS BAD!

4 week Inhibitif review

I definitely do feel that my leg that i am using
 the inhibitif on is smoother then the other.
I will show you a photo from week one
 after not shaving for 4 days, and a photo from
 week 4 after not shaving for 4 days

 Week One
You can see allot of hairs and follicles all the little dots are where my hairs grow from.

Week Four
There are less hairs and follicles.  I could oviously see that it was working 

In conclusion inhibitif does work. this is only the 4 week mark and the results are already showing. It is recommended that I use it for 8 weeks in order for it to take effect. Since its already working i'm excited to see what happens in the next 4 weeks. 

More coming soon...